Theme: Structure

Here is an overview of the folder structure for themes, along with some details of specific files within the theme. All themes should be added to the themes folder in the main root of the site.

Theme Folder Organization

  • theme-name


    • screenshot.png

    • settings.json

    • media

      • css

      • js

      • img

    • templates

      • homepage.html

      • default.html

Theme File Descriptions

This file contains a set of attributes associated with a theme. See the example below for some common attributes.

name = Salonify
description = Salonify theme for Tendenci CMS.
tags = homepage rotator, spaces
screenshot = screenshot.png
author = Schipul
author uri =
version = 1.0
create_dt = 2013-01-01 01:00:00

This file is a full page screenshot of the theme after it has been loaded with the fixtures using the load_npo_defaults management command.


This file contains settings for the Tendenci site settings. These settings are written in json and are installed whenever the update_settings, set_theme, or install_theme command is run.


This file defines the HTML that is used when the homepage of the site is loaded. You can learn more about the homepage at Theme: Homepage Template


This file defines the HTML that is used when a page other than the homepage is loaded.

Theme Media Usage

Template media in the media folder can be referenced in the template using {% static 'path/to/file' %}.