Directories are listings for businesses or other services on your website. You can allow Directories to be purchased to be displayed for a preset amount of time.

Based on different settings, you can allow logged in users or members of your site to post Directories, which will be added to a pending queue for administrator approval.

Directory Pricing

Directories can have different price options for posting based on the length of time they are posted.

Directory Categories

One way to organize your directories listings is by using categories. Clicking the “Manage Categories” link either from admin top menu under the Directories or from add or edit pages (right below the category and subcategory fields) will lead you to the admin backend where you can add or edit categories. You can drag and drop to sort categories. Each category can have one or more subcategories.

The categories and subcategories added at admin backend will then show in the category and subcategory dropdowns respectively on directory add and edit. You can assign one or multiple categories and subcategories to a directory.


Steps to set up directory affiliations on your site:

  1. Turn on the setting “Affiliates Enabled”

  2. Specify the allowed connections at admin backend for directories

2. Update the templates directories/meta.html and directories/view.html if they’re pulled down to your site. For directories/meta.html, add this block of code:

{% if directory.status_detail == 'active' %}
    {% include "directories/include/affiliates_display.html" %}
{% endif %}

At the bottom of directories/view.html, include:

{% block extra_body %}
    {{ block.super }}
    {% include "directories/include/affiliates_js.html" %}
{% endblock %}

Notifications can be pulled down to your site to customize.