Performing a Minor UpdateΒΆ

These instructions will upgrade Tendenci to a new minor version.

Shut down the Tendenci server if necessary:

sudo service mysite stop

Activate your virtualenv:

source /srv/mysite/bin/activate

Upgrade Tendenci and its dependencies:

cd /var/www/mysite/
# For testing installations:
pip install -r requirements/dev.txt --upgrade
# For live installations:
pip install -r requirements/prod.txt --upgrade

Apply database and static media updates, then clear the cache:

python migrate
python deploy
python clear_cache

Verify that permissions are still set appropriately:

# For a testing/development installation, this may be sufficient:
chmod -Rh -x+X /var/www/mysite/media/
# For a live site, you should run:
chmod -R o+rX-w /srv/mysite/
sudo chgrp -Rh www-data /var/www/mysite/
chmod -R -x+X,g-w,o-rwx /var/www/mysite/
chmod -R ug-x+rwX,o-rwx /var/www/mysite/media/ /var/www/mysite/whoosh_index/
sudo chown -Rh www-data:"$(id -u -n)" /var/log/mysite/
sudo chmod -R -x+X,g+rw,o-rwx /var/log/mysite/

Restart the Tendenci server:

sudo service mysite restart