Tendenci Trainings module allows you to offer certificate programs to users.

How does it work?

For each certification program, a site admin first specifies a set of certification categories with required credits. Then courses can be added and associated with each certification category.

There are 3 types of courses - online, onsite and outside.

A certificate is granted to a user upon completion of all the courses that meet the requirements of the certification. Users can view their progress and download their transcripts.

What are diamond requirements?

Diamond requirements of a certification is set of additional requirements that a user can pursue after completing the certification. There are up to 9 diamonds a user can receive.

How to offer online and onsite courses?

The courses in the trainings work with Tendenci Events module. If you turn on the setting “Use with Trainings” https://yoursitedomain/settings/module/events/#id_usewithtrainings, a course dropdown would show on event add/edit so that you can select a course for the event. When users register the event, they’d have the option to select what certification they’d like to track.

In addition, The trainings module is integrated with BlueVolt, an online learning platform If you opt in using BlueVolt, periodically, user exams can be automatically pulled from BlueVolt to your site for reporting.

What are outside schools?

The outside schools functionality allows users to add training records received from outside of your organization. Admin can verify and approve them accordingly.

How to enable Trainings module?

To enalble Trainings module, please go to https://yoursitedomain/settings/module/trainings/#id_enabled