The News app can be displayed in multiple ways on Tendenci through: News Feed, News Search, and News Article Views.

To learn more about adding a News Feed to different pages, go to:

To change the look of the News Search Results page, pull down these two templates: search-result.html and search.html

The overall page layout is dictated by search.html. The look of the news results can be changed through the search-result.html template.

Adding a Thumbnail



To add the thumbnail image to search-result.html, use this code:

+ Show Added HTML / Django Template Tags

Blog Styling: Show Image in the News Article



By default, the Tendenci code in search-result.html might look something like this:

{% blocktrans with s=news.body|striptags|truncatewords:20|safe %}{{ s }}{% endblocktrans %}

To achieve the look of a blog, you can remove “striptags” to reveal images, links, and headings within your news article content.:

{% blocktrans with s=news.body|truncatewords:100|safe %}{{ s }}{% endblocktrans %}